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  • [Some of our Random Pictures]
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  • August 6, 2005
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The Bride & Groom

We thought we would share a little bit about us and the story of how we met.

It's a story of international intrigue, romance, deception &...okay, fine, it's just a story; but it's OUR story! We apologize in advance for the 20,000 pictures of the two of us on this page...

[South Park Cartoon version of Matt][South Park Cartoon version of Reina]


A little history...

[Indianapolis Colts - Believe in Blue banner.]We both moved to Boston within a few months of each other in mid-1999/early 2000. Matt grew up in Indianapolis (go Colts!) and after graduating from Purdue, lived in Rochester, NY for a year or two (now commonly known as 'the engineering years').

[Joe Alaya pondering life.]Reina re-located from New Jersey where she worked at Channel 13 in Manhattan for a few years after graduating from Rutgers. We wound up having a friend in common, Joe Alaya, whom Matt worked with at Winmill Consulting in Boston and with whom Reina went to grade school and college in NJ. (Say hello to Joe!) Hi Joe.

The story continues....

[Reina and Sev dancing the night of the booze cruise.]In late 2000 Matt took a consulting job in Manhattan, so in the following two years we would see each other occasionally in a larger circle of friends, but "Matt Roberts Sightings" in the Hub (Boston) became somewhat few and far between.

(yes, Matt worked too much this particular summer as shown by his blinding whiteness...)

[Reina, and Sev dancing with the whitest man in America the night of the booze cruise.]He resurfaced one random summer weekend in which Reina was throwing a going-away "booze cruise" party on Boston Harbor for her sister (and roommate) Sev who was starting Vet School at UPenn in the Fall of 2002. Matt almost missed the boat - in more ways than one - but made it just before everyone set sail.

Dating begins....

[Matt and Reina inside The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.]Something clicked that night, and a month of online instant messaging followed while Matt was back working in NYC, leading up to the big first date in September 2002. Shortly afterwards Matt left NYC and moved back to Boston. We both knew we had found something special...[Matt and Reina during the dating years.]

A surprise proposal...

[Matt and Reina on Boston Harbor just after Matt proposed.]We’ve been pretty inseparable since, and that first date proved to be so amazing that two years and one month later (October 2004 for those of you not keeping track; and more specifically, Game 1 of the World Series in Boston), Matt re-created it and proposed to Reina on the edge of Boston Harbor. (this goofy picture was taken about 15 minutes after Matt proposed)

Present tense...

[Matt and Reina at the Dycus' house for Christmas 2004.]Much to our parents’ collective chagrin, we still live in the Boston area, and try to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Reina is a Senior Program Associate for American Public Television in downtown Boston. Matt is a Senior Consultant for Internosis, an IT consulting firm based in the Boston area (only one person can work at a non-profit per relationship).

Predicting the future...

We are looking forward to the big day, so we hope everyone can make it! We haven’t seen many of you for quite a while, and hope this will be a good excuse for everyone to meet up again for a day or two.

We promise good food, plenty to drink and decent music (considering we’re picking out most of the song list, although we promise Matt won't make the whole thing a Radiohead greatest-hits concert). Feel free to email song requests to us; however, we make no guarantees, particularly if you spam us with Celine Dion or American Idol titles (you know who you are…).

We hope to see you all there!

Love, Matt and Reina

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